Introducing #BeTheChange: Taking Climate Action Further, Faster

The 2021 release of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report has leaders around the world talking. The effects of climate change are happening now, and faster than predicted. And with global initiatives such as the Race to Zero moving to the forefront, our collective responsibility towards our planet has become ever more dire, more imminent, and more worthy of attention.

Mitigating the effects of climate change on our world is a monumental task, but progress is still possible if we act collectively, immediately, and decisively.

We recognize change starts within. We as a firm want to set and meet higher standards for ourselves, empower our people, and connect with our communities to create solutions that facilitate the transition towards a net zero carbon emission future. To do our part to help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, RVA is accelerating our pledge to drive responsible climate choices as an organization and as individuals. This is what our stakeholders and our professions expect of us, and it’s what we should expect of ourselves as responsible global citizens.

Through our #BeTheChange stories, we are asking our people to share their personal commitments on how they are measuring, managing, and mitigating climate impact.

The opportunity to create a more sustainable world is at our fingertips. From the food we consume, to the things we buy, to the way we travel – the choices we make have an impact. And so we must ask ourselves: “What action am I taking today to create a more sustainable, responsible, and lasting future?”

By engaging and educating each other on how our decisions can impact the environment, we aim to create a space where living by example can create long lasting change – helping our people make positive climate choices at home and at work and amplifying them through our personal and professional networks.