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Unique Precast Post Tensioned Overflow Structure Designed for West Don Lands Stormwater Conveyance System

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Tyler Lahti, P.Eng., R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, and Dan Haggerty, C.E.T Munro Ltd.


Waterfront Toronto’s West Don Lands stormwater treatment facility and outfall is the first phase of the overall Stormwater Quality Facility for the West Don Lands and includes the entire underground infrastructure to manage stormwater flow and to allow for a stormwater treatment facility that will be built in the second phase of the project. . In order to reduce the size of the processing equipment the R.V. Anderson Associates Limited used the main shaft of the new outfall conveyance system as a storage space for stormwater. The 12 metre diameter shaft was also used to launch the tunnel boring machine (TBM) which tunnelled the three metre diameter concrete-lined rock tunnels under major roads and utilities.

Published in the Spring 2013 issue of Concrete Pipe Journal.

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