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Sustainable Pavement Design: Doing More With Less

Insights and Resources, Transportation

by Bob Wicklund, A.Sc.T., PMP, Regional Municipality of Halton and Jason Miron, C.E.T., R.V. Anderson Associates Limited


Halton Region completed three road resurfacing projects in 2012: Trafalgar Road (4.6 kilometres), Martin Street and Steeles Avenue (3.6 kilometres) and Campbellville Road (4.3 kilometres). A detailed pavement condition assessment was completed and “green” pavement rehabilitation techniques were used to complete the projects where feasible, to meet the Region’s initiative to utilize greener and more sustainable solutions. The pavement rehabilitation of Trafalgar Road involved two innovative pavement technologies: CIREAM technology (cold-in-place recycling with expanded asphalt mix), and warm mix asphalt. The pavement rehabilitation of Steeles Avenue and Campbellville Road took advantage of SAMI technology (stress absorbing membrane interlayer).

Presented at the Transportation Association of Canada Conference