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A SAGR for Perth: A New Tertiary Filtration Technology Ensures Cost Effective Lagoon Optimization

Insights and Resources, Small Systems Solutions

by Trish Johnson and Alan Perks, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, and Martin Hildebrand, Nelson Environmental


As part of its Tay River Improvement activities, the Town of Perth is field testing an innovative new technology called a Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR®) to address developing water quality and hydraulic capacity issues in its sewage lagoon. The SAGR® process is low cost to operate and install, and is used extensively for cold climate post lagoon treatment. The findings of the Perth field test will be widely applicable to small and medium sized municipalities, as well as to more than 600 First Nations communities across Canada many who also rely upon lagoon technology.

Presented at the 42nd Annual WEAO Technical Symposium & OPCEA Exhibition and reproduced here with the express permission of WEAO