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Innovative System Used in Horton Sanitary Sewer Clean-up

(November, 2015) – Not only is the 1.2-kilometre-long Horton Sanitary Sewer the longest and one of the oldest in London, Ont., an innovative manhole system designed to provide access for cleaning the concrete pipe may be the most unique in the country. Read more o read more

Ryerson University Student Learning Centre

RVA was the civil consultant for the new Ryerson University Student Learning Centre: “an urban oasis, an indoor landscape, and an effective solution to brand a university campus otherwise lost in the chaos of downtown Toronto”. Read more about the project in Architectur read more

Sudbury Biosolids Facility a P3 First

A case study was presented at the Canadian Design-Build Institute’s (CDBI) recent 2015 Canadian design-build conference in Toronto by Akli Ben-Anteur, a water-wastewater projects engineer for the city and Christopher George, an associate at R.V. Anderson Associate read more

RVA Designs Solution to Major Traffic Bottleneck in Milton, ON

The $31-million Derry Road underpass just west of Bronte Street has been completed and is now being used by motorists in the southwest quadrant of the town. Read about the project in the Daily Commercial News:  http://bit.ly/1PqstHb More in this category:

May 2015 – 16th Annual Canstruction Toronto competition

In all, 71,035 pounds of donated food were sculpted into audacious, edible statues all in an effort to fill Toronto’s hunger gap. Read about the competition in Canadian Architect:  http://bit.ly/1E3Akmr More in this category: