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Port Rowan Wastewater Treatment Facility wins the 2013 OPWA Technical Innovation Award

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R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) wins the 2013 Technical Innovation Award from the Ontario Public Works Association for Norfolk County’s Port Rowan Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Port Rowan is a small town located in the Long Point Region of Norfolk County, in Southwestern Ontario. Long Point Region is a designated “UN World Biosphere Reserve” and attracts large numbers of environmental enthusiasts and natural scientists from all over the world to observe the area’s unique blend of ecosystems and habitats, some of which are specific to this area.

Prior to the commissioning of this new treatment facility, Norfolk County relied on an old wastewater lagoon system just west of Port Rowan that accepted raw sewage and hauled waste from neighbouring areas. These lagoons had been operating at capacity for several years and the challenging hauled waste caused extremely foul odour issues for the surrounding area.

RVA investigated alternatives to provide a comprehensive solution that would preserve and/or improve the health of the area’s diverse and sensitive habitats and ecosystems, while increasing capacity to treat future loads and reduce foul odours. These conditions called for the most advanced wastewater processing technology available, a Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) process.

The new MBR-based facility brings Port Rowan’s wastewater processing capabilities to the highest industry standards. It features a two-bay septage receiving stationto manage hauled loads, comprehensive odour technologies to neutralize foul odours at their source, and a sophisticated chemical system to produce high-quality effluent in an effort to help preserve the receiving ecosystems, maintaining the area’s unique habitat.

The County and RVA are currently in the process of converting the retired lagoon site into an engineered wetland which will act as a filtration system for stormwater and preserve the existing bird sanctuary.

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